Saturday, 24 July 2010

The last post

Hello readers. I would like to inform you that, this is my last post of July 2010. I won’t be able to update any post when I am going to be away for a week, or may be more than it? You will never know what will happen. Just like how my friend was stuck in Paris’s airport during the volcano’s incident in Europe. That made my friend stuck in Paris for 3 days before took the bus back to London. We can’t predict what might happen this few days as only god may know about it.

Are you curious about where am I going? Whoever that followed me in twitter, or friends in facebook, might already known that I am going to Hokkaido, Japan for a short vacation. It’s was pretty long that I haven’t been vacation with my family. It’s not exactly the whole family as my parents are in Germany now. It was pretty long and private story and only my close friends know what is happening. Anyway, it’s not really that serious though. It’s just something happen. Forget about it, I’ll be going with my siblings only, since my parents are in Germany right now. I was so looking forward to this trip as the last trip I had been with my siblings was like ages ago. I can’t even remember where we went or when was the time. However, I did go to China with my parents back in 2006. Which is 4 years ago? Pretty ages huh? May be I should spend more times with the family. Its sound likes I were a super busy businessman when I am just an ordinary university’s student.

Besides telling that I’m leaving to Hokkaido for vacation, I would like to tell something about my friend, who currently continues her degree in Melbourne. It has been 5 day after she left to Melbourne, and I’m seriously missing her. I’m missing the moment that I texting her for asking yam cha when we have many things to talk about, gossip about or may be just to update each other. I miss the time that we always plan something that not really going to work or on, but we seems enjoy talking all those. Anyhow, I promised her that we will be going to Malacca when she back. Let’s make a countdown for her. She will be back to Malaysia in 113days time. Ah Cong ar, I missed you. :)

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

New toy for my iPad

I hate it when I can't fall to sleep smoothly!! It's 3 in the morning, and I'm still rotting on the bed, open my eyes freaking big! Help! What can I do besides blogging at this freaking early time?

Anyway, I'm gonna blog about my new toy for my iPad. I just went to COD with this guy from the lowyat forum. I had waited him for like 1.5 hours. He was in jam the time. Gosh. I had bought quite a lot stuffs from him, but the main nor the most important one is the iPad Camera Connection Kit. I'm not gonna to show how it work now as I am super duper lazy to take the photo of how it work. :)

I think pictures will do the talk. Let's see.

This is the front picture of the box.

The back view of the box

The box and the contain. One is for SD card. The other one is for connect to the camera.

Don't you think it's super cool? You can get more info of this product from the officially apple web site.

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Life without macky

It’s really a pain without my laptop for so many days. =( If you’re wondering where is my macky, it is under medication in the machines hospital because the trackpad is not functioning. I miss it so much, I dying without it in my room. The only way I can online now is my iPad. How sad. I can’t edit my photo although there is an app for me to edit, but the effect is not as good as photoshop did.

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Saturday, 17 July 2010

Continue with my iPad

Recent I had cut my Digi sim card into micro sim. Guess what? It's really work. Wohoo. I'm so going to show you guys the photo of my new micro sim. I did went to maxis centre to ask for the micro sim broadband, and it's just too expensive. It's totally not worth at all. Therefore, my sis bought a new Digi prepaid sim card to take a try. And it's work.

Before I cut the sim card into micro sim.

After I cut it. It's really work like the Micro Sim.

This is how it look in another side.

It's fit in! :)

And insert into the apple iPad.

Finally, the Digi word shown there.

Another picture about the Digi thing.

The more completed picture.

As I promised before, I will show more pictures about my iPad. This is how it look like at the back. Seriously, it looks damn awesome.

With the sexy white cover. It's just look so amazing. 

Thursday, 15 July 2010

addicted to

Currently addicted to Muse's new song, Love is forever (Neutron Star Collision). Please just ignore the twilight sense. lol. It's pretty good though. It kept on repeating in my itunessss. :)

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Testing blogpress on iPad

Hmmm. I don't what to say. I'm testing this new app.

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New toy from The Bitten Apple.

If you’re one of the followers in my twitter account, you might already known that I bought a new toy from the bitten apple. At first I still quite confused that should I buy it in Malaysia or ask my friends to bring it back from overseas in August, but when the time come, Singapore may already launch it. Anyway, who knows there might be some delay in launching in Singapore, as the product of apple is super hot and always got no stock. Piff.

I bought this new toy from a forumer in lowyat, we msged each other to deal with everything like the price, the place for COD and so on. He is a nice guy though. Super recommend buyer from me. I shall post the link. Just click the link to see the page that he posted in lowyat (and of cause I didn’t bought it at that price, just lower and I couldn’t tell you the price). ☺ We planned to meet in ou for COD, cause afterward I can just take my new toy to machine for some casing shopping? Lol. Of cause I applied screen protector as well, from a quite famous brand. Shall tell about it later. So it’s time for me to post some photos up. Are you ready for my new toy?

Took this photo when COD with Chris.

The box of the iPad

It's an Aussie set.

The apple loge when the iPad turn on.

It's not activated yet, so need to plug in to itunes to activate it.

the left one is mine while the right one belongs to my sis.

Another photo showing my sis's iPad casing

My iPad casing

Of cause there will be more photo coming up tomorrow. The file is big, so I will upload to flick first I guess. Stay tuned.

p/s: all the photo credits to my sister. I'll upload mine soon. :)

Saturday, 10 July 2010

another random post?

Everyone is obsessed with twilight saga the eclipse at the moment. Anyhow, I don’t want to spoil the movie for you by telling you how stupid and boring it is. It’s just all right though. You should watch it if you’re twilight fans, and vice versa.

Friends of mine are so going to re-read the whole twilight saga novel, and the whole set of books are in my bookshelf to collecting dust. The book was all right but it don’t deserve my time to re-read it again as there is so many things for me to do, so many books are waiting me to read them. Anyhow, I prefer the new movie coming soon on August. It definitely is a must watch. Lol.

Besides twilight, the hottest topic now should be the world cup finals. Who will be the one that holding the champion cup in South Africa? Holland or Spain. Whatever, either one will do. And we so glad that finally there is a virgin (no star on their logo) to win the world cup since 1998. Isn’t it exciting? Definitely no. Heart was broken when Argentina and Germany was out. Anyhow, at least Argentina got two stars mean while Germany got three stars on their logo. Let’s someone get it then. They will definitely add another star in 2014!

Monday, 5 July 2010

Green Alien from Toy Story

I felt so outdated when I’m the only one who haven’t watch Toy Story 3 among my gang of friends. I hate to listen how touch is it, how Woody bla bla bla, how funny when Buzz Lightyear was being reset and talk Spanish. ☹ I totally dislike it. The new twilight saga is going to show in Malaysia soon. I’m totally outdated!

Anyway, The only character that I like in toy story collection is the Green Alien, don’t you think they are cute? My dad bought me this soft toy in parkson when I kept on annoy him that the Green Alien is so cute. Lol. My dad was complaint that I’m like a small child wants a present from the adult. Oh please, I can afford that toy, okay? It was just like RM30+, but just I want to annoyed my dad and make him kind of happy when there is someone to accompany him.

Oh well, I told my sister that actually is kind of scary to put Toy Story’s character toy in the room. Imagine they would move like in the movie when you’re sleeping or may be out? Ewwww. That’s super annoying. Lol. Just a joke. :)

Friday, 2 July 2010


Took this photo in Sky Bar. KLCC seems so near us meanwhile it’s so far away. I thought I could touch it like how I thought I could touch the star when I was a child. That’s so innocent. Everything had change. The place, the environmental, the city and the people like you and me.

No Title.

Regarding the durex in pervious post, actually nuffnang did sent an email to me that durex is choosing my blog for their campaign. I just totally ignored the mail, may be I shouldn’t ignore it though. Haha.

The email stated:
Dear me,

This is to inform you that banners for a Durex campaign will be running on your blog from 28th June onwards. The ad campaign has sexual health related content and may be offensive to some. Your blog was selected based on the age and blog content filters in our system. If you wish to be excluded from this campaign, kindly leave a message at our helpdesk ( and we will proceed to deactivate your blog from this campaign.
Thank you! 

Can anyone explain to me what is mean “blog content filters”, I'm still wondering what’s content they looking about though. Haha. I have ZERO idea of it. I still wonder why my blog was chosen though. ☺

Thursday, 1 July 2010


Aloha. It had been so long I haven’t update my blog. I didn’t update everyday as I promised before. May be I’m just spending less and less time on Internet and more and more time in the real life. It’s so good to get back to the social circle, as I was kind of anti-social past few months. I was in doubt in everything – friendship, studies, and people around me even my parent. Anyhow, everything had passed though. I think I am able to get back who I am now and I can’t wait for my freshman year to start. ☺

It’s super late now, and I need to catch my sleep I guess. I’ll update my happening life tomorrow. Hope everything goes as the plan.

P/s: I really got no idea why Durex had chosen my blog for their advertisement. I have received an email from Nuffnang that they might choose my blog for the campaign, and they really did choose my blog. Also, I don’t see a point why they choose my blog. Anyone knows the reason? My dear fellow readers. Lol.

And do you think size matters? =P (It will be still showing if you're lucky.) 

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