Thursday, 3 February 2011

time? a joke to you?

I don’t understand why people seem like to be late. One of my uncle, he always late for everything, of course, included his other family members as well. They are always late for the reunion dinner that make everyone wait for them like those kind of very important people. What is wrong in those people’s minds? Time is money. Yeah, you’re with a million or may be billion money jobs. Think about it, you can’t decide the time for everybody. We set the time up and you got to be followed. No exemption. However, they just don’t understand, they don’t. They will never ever understand this concept. At least since I was born, I never see them getting on time. Oh yea, actually they did, because we were come later than them. That’s so irony. They just never ever learn their mistake and continue their mistake. Everyone is being so sarcastic to them! Hello! Can you hear me? Do you have your watch on your right hand? Wtf right? I will do something if they late for the reunion dinner next time. If they late more than 15 minutes, I will ask my mom to do something. It is because I hate waiting and people being late!


The postcard said it all.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011


Do you have any mistakes in your life? Do you ever want to fix it? Did you ever thought that those mistakes couldn’t be fix? Why do you making those mistakes at the first place? Anger? Madness? Mistakes cannot be fix no matter how hard you tried.

You can't fix your mistake. Once people are dead, you can't make them undead. Nuff said.
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