Monday, 4 June 2012

Can't wait for summer....

I don't really like UK's weather. It's Summer now, and it's freaking 6 degree Celsius at the moment. What's kind of society is it? I can't wait for exam to be over! *currently studying in library and trying to be relax a little* Oh well, I think i should update a little on my summer trip, that's the only motivation for myself to get over this exam period.

10th of June, I will be visiting York,
11th till 19th of june, i will be in germany,
21st till 27th of june will be in greece!! OMG! i'm going santorini!! how excited! 
28th june till 4th of july will be in italy,
and finally 5th till 8th july in london!
oh yeah, and i'm fucking going home at 9th july! i miss everything in malaysia, the people, the food, the places, etc etc etc etc. i know i know. i'm so busy right? what to do? i fucking love travel!!! :D

That's how the summer feel in sheffield. will going picnic again though.


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